Ebony Fuckstick For Jewel? Make It A Double!

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Black Dick For Jewel? Make It A Double!

When Jewel did a three-way episode with Bea Cummins and a guy, she said, “I suppose the issue which appeals to our fans is the classiness which we’ve, the sensuality which we categorical.” Well, to us (and to her many fans), Jewel can always be classy and sensual. But in this scene, the 63-year-old wife/mother/grandmother gets downright raunchy with the two Stones, Lucas and Asante.

The setup? Well, the setup is that Jewel desires two massive, hard, ebony dicks to fuck, and she gets them. The climax? Two sloppy loads everywhere Jewel’s pretty face.

“I’ve been called a whore,” Jewel said, “and I got upset because I thought the dude was demeaning me, but the gentleman explained, ‘No, that’s not it at all. You are the most classy whore.’ They love the connotation of slut, but they wouldn’t wish a whore unless it’s their personal bitch.”

A three-way…is that personal?

Black Dick For Jewel? Make It A Double!

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Another large schlong for Karen Deville

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Another huge schlong for Karen Deville

Wouldn’t you love to own a boss like Karen DeVille, a boss who encompasses a nice body and huge racked and loves to fuck to keep her employees happy? You understand, there’s been more speak within the Us these days concerning the fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage, but we’ve got the feeling that plenty of men would be willing to match for plenty less if their boss looked like Karen and handed out fringe benefits like these.

Anyway, here, Karen, who’s 55 and divorced, is fucking JMac. Meaning that in her brief history at 50PlusMILFs.com, Karen has had sex with Juan Largo, The Champ and JMac. That’s more enormous, thick boner for a chick who says she includes a really little, tight muff. Heck, we’re not doing much to keep it which way, although, as Karen has pointed out to united states, her twat stays tight no matter how much she fucks.

“I am not the type of babe which you would think would be doing this,” said Karen, who lives in Delaware and is a cougar.

We’re not positive what kind of chick that is. All kinds of babes return to our studio. I guess Karen means that she does not walk around town along with her tits and anal hanging out. She’s not known as the town bitch. But she lives in a bit town.

“I prefer to pretend which I’m extremely not naughty, but I’m. I’m sweet on the outside, but I am not.”

And here’s the proof.

Another enormous boner for Karen Deville

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Ass-fucked on demand

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Ass-fucked on demand

Brandi Minx, wearing a red top, sits down next to Tony and says, “I want you to make my crotch cum and then fuck me up the booty.”

Currently that’s a heckuva greeting!

“Get which snatch nice and wet,” 42-year-old Brandi says as Tony fingers her pussy. “I would like to cum 1st before you fuck me in which anal.”

Thirty seconds into this movie, Brandi has her pink vagina spread and screwed with fingers, and before 3 minutes have gone by, she features a cock in her mouth. The fuckstick enters her twat at 5:45 (Brandi is on top). It is in her butt at 14:40. It’s jizzing all over her pretty, sinful (and pretty sleazy) face at 22:10.

“Hmmmm, yum,” is all Brandi has to say.

By currently, you must grasp that Brandi is not the kind of woman who waits for a man to make the Initial move. She’s not shy. Her mouth, cunt and booty hole are always open for entertainment. She’s a hooker. She works in a legal brothel in Nevada. She fucks at 40SomethingMag.com. Her entire life revolves around boner. She’s our kind of girl.

Ass-fucked on demand

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Dream three-way with Rita Daniels and Kim Anh

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Dream three-way with Rita Daniels and Kim Anh

They’re 2 of the most-popular 60Plus MILFs ever. In fact, Rita Daniels discovered Kim Anh and sent her our way, something we’ll always be grateful for (Rita is one in all our best recruiters of new MILFs).

And, moreover, though Rita had done three-ways with Lexi McCain and Sally D’Angelo and Kim had done a three-way with Scarlet Andrews, we’d never been able to urge Rita and Kim in our studio at the same time.

Oh, we tried, and we thought it was progressing to happen last year, but some last-minute complications got in the way. But after you have 2 babes like Rita and Kim–women who love to fuck and take it up the booty, girls who will do just about anything on-camera–you don’t give up.

And, so finally, it happened, and we’d go therefore far as to say that the pairing of Rita and Kim ranks right up there with our best ever.

We’re positive the dude who got to fuck them would agree. He’s 22-year-old Peter Green, and he had the ride of his life with 65-year-old Rita and 63-year-old Kim. He fucked their mouths. He screwed their muffs. He screwed their butts. And will you imagine what it must feel like to own your dick in Rita or Kim’s crotch or asshole whereas the completely various girl licks your shaft or sack.

Kim is from Thailand. Rita is American. East meets West, and these GILFs are the best.

Dream three-way with Rita Daniels and Kim Anh

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Cat’s getting her anal fucked

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Cat's obtaining her ass fucked

Back already? Indeed, 50-year-old Catrina Costa debuted simply concerning a month ago, but she’s already back for a extremely special reason: She wished to induce her ass stuffed by a xxx dude, and we made it happen. Actually, Catrina makes it happen with her sexy body, cleavage-revealing dress and bangable bottom.

“Anal sex is a new experience for me compared to other activities,” said Catrina, who’s divorced, was born in Rhode Island and lives in California. “I’ve done it from time to time. I’m looking forward to doing it with a porno boy. I’ve never done which before.”

But she’s done extra choice things.

“My boyfriend and which i host bi-friendly weekly gang-bang parties. Just recently, we made me air-tight. I had my mouth, camel toe and booty filled at the same time, so I was blowing one guy’s penis while 2 other mates were DPing my camel toe and anal. It was awesome!”

We asked Catrina how often she has sex, and she said, “Is ‘not often enough’ a perfect answer?” It’s the best answer possible. “Four days a week? Or do we have to count each act? The weeks we’ve a party, I lose count. It could be 20, 30, 40, even more.”

Catrina likes “a stud who can make me laugh. Someone who will hold me once I need to be held. Someone who listens and shares. Someone who does satisfy all my desires.”

Or knows where to look to help her satisfy her desires. Obviously, when a babe is into group sex, she cannot have all her desires happy by one man.

“Who knows what I’ll do next? I cannot wait to find out!”

Cat's getting her ass fucked

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What would her family say?

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What would her family say?

“I’ve never been an adult model,” said Amber Reiz, a 47-year-old divorcee from Puerto Rico who lives in Florida. “This is my First time, and it’s like a dream come back true. I would like to be in the magazines and become truly famous.”

Amber is scheduled to appear in 40Something magazine, and along with her pics and movies on 40SomethingMag.com, she’s currently more-famous than 99% of the population. She’s becoming famous by not only telling united states all concerning herself but by sucking and fucking Tarzan’s penis.

“I found you on CraigsList,” Amber said. “I return from a very strict and conservative family.”

Amber’s breaking the mold.

She’s a cougar of four and a grandmother of one. She’s a licensed massage therapist. She’s not a swinger or a nudist. She told us, “You can be sexy wearing plenty of clothes and additionally create a reaction.”

By the way, Amber has never had booty hole sex. We’re aiming to take care of that next time we check her.

Amber can conjointly be attractive wearing nothing at all. See how you react.

What would her family say?

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For starters, Charlotta gets ass-fucked

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For starters, Charlotta gets ass-fucked

Charlotta, a 67-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother from Prague, makes her on-camera blowing and fucking debut by taking Steve Q’s massive fuckstick up her booty.

Why her butt, you might ask?

“My cunt is tighter than my booty,” she told our translator. “He had such a huge fuckstick, it felt better in my anal.”

Well, okay. If a gal needs you to fuck her anal, you fuck her butt, right?

We don’t apprehend a lot regarding Charlotta as a result of she doesn’t talk much English. We do grasp which she has bright red hair. We in addition apprehend that she didn’t discover the pleasures of butthole sex till she turned 60. And we apprehend that her hobbies include painting, going out for long walks and picking up young guys at clubs in Prague and bringing them back to her place. She is rarely bringing them home to fulfill her family. She’s bringing them home to satisfy her crotch and butthole. Especially her asshole.

Charlotta is not a swinger. She’s not a nudist. She loves wearing skirts with no panties on windy days. She loves to hear snobby girls calling her “slut” in Czech when just the right breeze gives everybody a view of her privates.

Here, we’re all getting a view of her privates. Fancy.

For starters, Charlotta gets ass-fucked

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Veronique gets her face painted

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Veronique gets her face painted

The guy in these pictures is not a professional face painter, although you’d never apprehend it by the way he paints newcomer Veronique Goldie’s pretty face in these footage. Veronique, a 53-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother sucks and fucks him really superb, which explains the way his nuts burst all over her face. It is hard to believe Veronique has never done this before, but let’s face it: At her age, she’s done additional fucking, merely not on-camera.

By the way, additionally to being a MILF and grandmother, Veronique has appeared on TELEVISION in children’s shows. If she wants to be in in addition children’s shows, she probably shouldn’t put this on her resume.

Veronique says a man catches her attention with his charm and humor. Being a romantic will not hurt, either. She says her mother and daughter would be shocked to check her here but her friends wouldn’t as a result of “they know how much I love sex.” She’s not a swinger. She used to be a nudist. And she’s not into further fetishes.

“I prefer soft, romantic sex.”

That this is rarely.

Veronique gets her face painted

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Sexy, filthy ass-fucked MILF

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Horny, filthy ass-fucked MILF

If you’re one for story lines, like instructor fucks her former student or boy fucks his best friend’s MILF, there is no story during this movie. Unless, of course, you count “Hot, busty MAMA sucks and fucks a enormous, chocolate fuckstick and takes it up the ass” as a story.

The truth is, 46-year-old Madison Paige came to our studio for one reason: to fuck. To take large porno dicks in her mouth, cunt and asshole. Especially her stinky hole.

Thus, inside the primary two minutes of this scene, Madison has her stud’s boner in her mouth and she’s slurping everywhere it. Then she tells him to sit down thus she can be able to suck deeper, and that’s exactly what he will and she does. This lady has lots of saliva.

Once the cock-sucking is done, Madison lies back and spreads her legs. She uses her fingers to pull open her twat lips by the camel toe rings, then Stallion’s dick slides right in. Since Madison’s beaver is even wetter than her mouth, it’s an simple slide.

Madison rides Stallion’s schlong then turns around and pounces on it. She rubs his dick and nuts. She gets on all fours and gets pounded from behind then gets screwed missionary. She gets one leg all the way back. Stallion shoves his penis in her booty, stretching out her sphincter. How can such a lot schlong fit in such a tight booty? We don’t apprehend, but it will. And how can Madison’s anal hole be thus tight when it is been screwed thus often? We don’t recognize, but it’s.

“Stuff that butt, baby,” Madison says as she spreads her pink pussy (One in all the best things regarding watching a babe getting ass-fucked is that we get an unobstructed view of her pussy, that often opens wider).

Madison gets ass-fucked reverse-cowgirl as she buzzes her clit with a vibrator. She’s therefore turned on which she gets on her knees and sucks her butt juices off Stallion’s penis. After a babe does that, you understand she’s super sexy and super kinky. That is exactly what Madison is.

Horny, filthy ass-fucked MILF

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The Boss Encompasses a Creampie For Bethany

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The Boss Encompasses a Creampie For Bethany

Bethany James, 64, is sitting at her desk, wearing a low-cut top and a short skirt, when her boss walks in.

“Bethany, might you hold my calls for the rest of the day?” he says. He has an important meeting to go to.

He leaves, but once he gets to his car, he realizes he has forgotten his keys. Meanwhile, upstairs within the workplace, Bethany has taken somewhat sperm break to fantasize regarding her boss.

“Yes, Mr. DeSergio,” she moans as she rubs her jugs and muff. “Do you wish me to play with my melons and strip off my clothes? Oh, Mr. DeSergio, I betcha you would like my beaver extremely wet!” she says, then she reaches into her desk and pulls out her vibe. She’s very into her boss. Either that or she’s really sexy.

“Oooh, I’m gonna fuck that dick,” she says as she buzzes her clit through her pantyhose.

And that’s after Mr. DeSergio comes back around the corner.

“You called my name?” he says.

“Oh, Mr. DeSergio, I can explain,” she says.

Yeah, she can explain. She’s horny. She desires his dick. That’s why she has her skirt up around her waist.

No explanations wished. Which meeting? It does wait. Mr. DeSergio desires to fuck some 60something mouth and vagina. He wants to leave his jizz within Bethany’s beaver.

This Mr. DeSergio stud…nice job if you does get it.

The Boss Includes a Creampie For Bethany

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